Animal Control

Lost and Found

Click the following link to find all lost/found/stray animals currently at the City of Henderson Animal Care and Control facility Lost and Found Animals at City of Henderson Animal Care and Control.  It is important that you check the website on a daily basis as well as call the shelter at 702-267-4970 and ask if anyone has reported your pet as found.  Any animal entering the shelter as a stray is kept for 3 business days before being evaluated for adoption.  If you don't reclaim your pet within the time given your pet becomes property of the City of Henderson.

You can also go directly to PetHarbor. Once you access the PetHarbor site:
1.  Click/tap the Reported Found header to see relevant animals
2. Click/tap the + icon to the right of the animal listings. This adds the filter buttons to the page
3. Drag the paw on the slider to the right to include more miles in your search

4. If you want to limit to specific shelters, click/tap the Specific Shelters button
      a. Click/tap the paw in front of any/every shelter you want to look at
      b. Click/tap the search button
      c. You will now only see animals housed in that/those shelter(s)


It is also a good idea to contact veterinarians in your immediate area to inquire if a client may have found a pet similar to yours and taken it to them. Check the lost and found pet pages on social media and the next-door application. If possible, put up "lost" flyers with pictures of your pet and where you can be reached. Please check the other public animal shelter, The Animal Foundation, to see if the animal was brought there too.

If you live in the City of Henderson and find a petby law you must contact our facility, at (702) 267-4970. You can also submit the information on Contact Henderson.  If are requesting the lost pet to be picked up by an Animal Control Officer please call Henderson Police non-emergency at 702-267-5000 or you may turn the pet into the shelter during normal business hours.  All stray and lost animals are held for a minimum of 3 days for the owner to reclaim.

If you want to keep the pet you have found, you still need to contact our facility, at (702) 267-4970 or by Contact Henderson and leave a description of the pet, information on the general vicinity of where you found the pet, and a phone number where you can be reached, so the potential owner that is looking for the pet can call you. The information you give us is logged into a "lost and found" book and cross referenced.  For the next 30 days you need to make (and keep proof of) attempts to locate the pet's owner; such as listing the pet in the found section of the local newspaper(s), reporting the pet being found to Animal Control, having the pet scanned for a microchip and contacting the person associated with the chip and ID tag (if the pet is wearing a tag). However, an owner of a lost pet is more likely to visit a shelter regularly to look for their pet than coming to your house to look. Therefore, to avoid any confusion, frustration, or annoyance, turning the pet into the shelter is the best way to handle a found pet. If no owner claims the pet within the required hold period of three open business days, and you want it for yourself, then you could possibly adopt the pet which would give you legal ownership.

There are many types of domesticated pets that you may be lost or found. In addition to dogs and cats, you need to report animals such as: ferrets, guinea pigs, snakes, birds, rabbits, iguanas, etc. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have lost or found any of them.