News Release

City of Henderson Completes Annual Update to Mitigation Action Plan

October 28, 2020

Henderson, Nev. – The City of Henderson recently completed an annual evaluation and update to its Mitigation Action Plan as part of the Clark County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan that was adopted in 2018.

The Mitigation Action Plan assesses the risks of natural disasters such as floods, drought and severe weather and establishes a strategy for improvements and projects that will reduce the potential community impact. Mitigation action planning helps protect residents and businesses from loss associated with those hazards and can increase community ratings that are used by the National Flood Insurance Program, which can result in lower flood insurance premiums for property owners.

During the last year, the City of Henderson completed several flood control projects identified in the Mitigation Action Plan, including the Pittman North Detention Basin and Outfall and the Horizon Ridge Detention Basin, which will improve the community’s drainage system and help lessen the impact of flood events.

The Clark County 2018 Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan and the City of Henderson’s annual evaluation and update of its Mitigation Action Plan are made available to the public in accordance with the Community Rating System recertification process. They are posted on the city’s Emergency Management webpage at

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