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Henderson Knows H2O Newsletter

The Henderson Knows H2O newsletter is provided in your utility bill and available online, containing information and news about various water and wastewater topics. You may view past issues of the newsletter by clicking on the publication dates listed below. The newsletter was renamed "Henderson Knows H2O" in January 2011, and redesigned with a new format that is easier to view online.

Past Issues

November 2011: features information on Contact Henderson; City Hall in the Mall; Leak Adjustment Program; Water Smart Landscapes Rebates; and the Winter Watering Schedule.

September 2011: features the new Southwest Water Reclamation Facility (SWRF); Electronic Billing; Finding a Water Leak; Signs of Overwatering; and the Fall Watering Schedule. 

July 2011: features SNWA Yard of the Month; Summer Time of Day Watering Restrictions/Watering Schedule; How Utility Services responds to System Emergencies; Request a Water Conservation Presentation; and 2011 Water Quality Report.

May 2011: features There's more to your water service than H2O; City loan program can help pay for your water-efficient landscaping; Throw your disposable items in the trash...not the toilet; Do parks have watering restrictions?; Electronic billing is coming soon; and summer watering schedule.

March 2011: features Know Your H2O Resources; Fix a Leak Week; Request a conservation presentation; Use a sanitary sewer port to drain your pool; Spring check-up for your irrigation system; and Spring watering schedule.

January 2011: features Welcome to Henderson Knows H2O; Utility bill discounts; Protecting your pipes from the cold; Accessing your account; Winter watering schedule; and How H20 gets to your home.

September 2010: features Signs of overwatering; Fall watering schedule; Turf removal loan programs; Ask the conservation professionals; and Help your neighbors end water waste.

July 2010: features Summer watering schedule; Time of day watering restrictions; Know your H20 class; 2010 Water quality report; and Contact Henderson and Utility Services.

March 2010: features Know Your H2O class; Proper pool draining; Senior discount available; Spring watering schedule; Free sprinkler clock demos.

November 2009: features Take precautions to stay healthy; Pay your bill anytime; Veterans Day; Winter watering schedule; and Master your sprinkler clock.

September 2009: features Don't be a water waster; Turf watering exemption; Free sprinkler clock demos; The Fall watering schedule begins September 1 and continues through October; and City Hall operating hours.

July 2009: features Get in the KNOW with H2O; KNOW your water consumption; Finding a water leak; Summer watering schedule effective May 1 through August 31; and Soil aeration reduces runoff.

May 2009: features 2009 Water Quality Report; Pay your bill anytime; The City recycles all wastewater; Summer watering schedule effective May 1 through August 31; and Time of day watering restricted in summer.

March 2009: features Title 14 conservation changes; Disposable is not flushable; Parks watering schedule; Spring watering schedule in effect from March 1 through April 30; and Free sprinkler clock demonstrations to be presented in March, April and May.

January 2009: features Think small, save big; Turf removal loan program; Senior discount available; The winter watering schedule is in effect from November 1 through February 28; Drought status; Do you know the City uses alternate fuel for non-emergency vehicles?; and Access your account online.