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Landscape Installation Restrictions

Application Required for Turf Removal

Turf that is removed from non-residential developments, multifamily developments, and common open space of single family developments, must be replaced with landscaping materials approved by the City. Applicants for turf removal must submit for a CLND permit with Community Development in the Development Services Center. There is no fee for this permit.

This requirement allows Community Development to review the proposed landscaping to ensure compliance with the City of Henderson Development Code. This requirement does not apply to single family residential customers.

Landscaping and Turf Installation

The installation of new turf in residential front yards, common areas, medians and non-residential developments is prohibited in most cases, regardless of building permit issue date. Turf installation in side and rear yards is limited to 50% or less of the total square footage. Homes that currently have desert landscaping may not be allowed to replace that landscaping with turf. To determine how turf installation restrictions may apply to your turf installation project, contact the Customer Care Center at (702) 267-5900 or cohutil@cityofhenderson.com. The installation of turf is prohibited in new non-residential development.