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Living in Henderson

Community Living

More than 280,000 people now call Henderson their home.  With award-winning  master-planned communities and numerous housing options, Henderson provides an outstanding quality of life that has become synonymous with the City.  Henderson is the only full-service city in Southern Nevada, meaning that the City has dedicated police, fire and utility services to more efficiently serve its residents.   

With a favorable tax structure, Henderson has attracted numerous businesses.  Henderson's Economic Development Department continues to connect new businesses with our community.  The local Chamber of Commerce also plays an important role in the economic development of our area. 

Not only can people live and work here, but there are numerous recreation opportunities as well.  From our award-winning Parks & Recreation programs to cutting-edge facilities such as the Multigenerational facility, there truly is something for everyone.  Additionally, facilities such as the Henderson Senior Facility offers activities, classes and outings for older members of our community.     

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Henderson Climate/Weather

Henderson enjoys mild winters with warm, dry summers.  Below is a table with 30-year average high and low temperatures as well as average precipitation. 
Month Average High* Average Low* Average Precipitation*
January 57 37 .59
February 63 41 .69
March 69 47 .59
April 78 54 .15
May 88 63 .24
June 99 72 .08
July 104 78 .44
August 102 77 .45
September 94 69 .31
October 81 57 .24
November 66 44 .31
December 57 37 .40
* Temperatures are indicated in Fahrenheit; Precipitation indicated in inches

Tax Advantages

Tax Advantages Residents do not pay personal income tax, corporate tax, inheritance tax, estate and/or gift tax, and the property taxes are low. According to Money Magazine, "Nevada has the eighth lowest tax burden as a percent of income in the nation."

The Fiscal Year 2009 City property tax rate for Henderson will remain constant at $.7108 per $100 in assessed valuation. The City has maintained the same property tax rate for the past seventeen years and continues to have one of the lowest rates in the Las Vegas Metropolitan area, as well as the State of Nevada. Nevada has no state income tax. The state sales tax is currently 8.10%.

Property Tax Cap

In the 2005 Legislative session the Nevada State Legislature passed a law to provide property tax relief to all citizens. Assembly Bill 489, signed into law on April 6, 2005, provides a partial abatement of taxes by applying a 3% cap on the increase in the tax bill for the owner's primary residence (single-family house, townhouse, condominium or manufactured home). Only one property may be selected in the State of Nevada as a primary residence. Some rental dwellings that meet the low-income rent limits may also qualify for a 3% cap on the tax bill.

An 8% cap on the increase in the tax bill will be applied to residences that are not owner occupied. The 8% cap will also apply to land, commercial buildings, business personal property, aircraft, etc. New construction or property that has a change of use in the current fiscal year (zoning change or manufactured home conversion) will not qualify for any cap for in the ensuing year, but will receive the 3% or 8% cap starting the following year.

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