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Public Works

Annexations NRS 268.570 through 268.608

How to Annex Property into the City
(100% Owner Participation - Alternative Method per NRS 268.597)

Obtain an application for Annexation from Public Works Survey/Right-of-Way and Property Management or via the City's website.1

Compile the following items for submittal:

  • Application for Annexation signed by all affected property owners and signatures notarized (signature authorization form will be needed if owner is not a person)
  • Justification Letter
  • One 8" x 11" exhibit;
  • Most recent Assessor's Parcel Map
  • One copy of the deed(s) showing applicant’s ownership(s) and current Assessor Parcel Number(s);
  • Governing body approval, if applicable2
  • Legal description on disk; and
  • Site plan (11" x 17") which must include the proposed development of site, name of project, total acreage, location of existing and proposed driveways, streets and their names, easements and utility locations, vicinity map, north arrow and scale, lot line dimensions and drainage facilities

Submit the Annexation Packet to Public Works Survey/Right-of-Way and Property Management. Annexation request will be placed on the next available Property Management Committee agenda for consideration.

After request is approved by the Committee, Public Works Survey/Right-of-Way will request a recordable annexation map (record of survey). Public Works Survey/Right-of-Way prepares City Council agenda items to petition for the annexation and the annexation bill. If City Council accepts the petition, the annexation bill is read in title. City Council can adopt the annexation bill, with any applicable conditions, at the next available City Council meeting. When the annexation bill is adopted, it is adopted as an ordinance.

Once City Council adopts the annexation the City Clerk’s office routes the ordinance for signatures; The City Clerk publishes the ordinance and sends copies to other entities as required by NRS; The original ordinance is filed in the City Clerk’s office; A certified copy of the ordinance is delivered to Public Works Survey/Right-of-Way and Property Management and recorded along with the annexation map; and copies of the annexation are sent to the City's GIS staff to update City maps.

1To determine if the Alternate Method is appropriate for the area proposed to be annexed, the applicant may wish to consult with the City's Public Works Survey/Right-of-Way and Property Management office prior to initiating the annexation process  by calling (702) 267-1300.

2 Proposed annexations lying within an unincorporated town as those boundaries existed on July 1, 1983 will require prior approval of the governing body of the unincorporated town.

For additional information, contact Public Works Survey/Right-of-Way and Property Management at (702) 267-1300.