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Bike Safety
With an increase of people using bicycles for everyday transportation and recreation, the City of Henderson is urging bicyclists and motorists to share the road. Before you Bike Henderson, know your responsibilities and rights.

Bicycling Laws
3 Feet Rule Follow the 3-Foot Rule
Keep at least three feet from a vehicle (NRS 484B.270)

Keep to the Right
Ride as far to the right of the road as possible (NRS 484B.777) Ride in the same direction as traffic (NRS 484B.763)

Stop on Red
Obey all traffic signs and signals (NRS 484B.763) May proceed through a red signal after two cycles, yielding to traffic and pedestrians (NRS 484B.301-8B)
Signal Your Intentions
Use hand signals for turns and stops (NRS 484B.768)
Donít be Clingy
Donít grab onto or cling to a vehicle (NRS 484B.773)
No Doubles
Only one rider per seat (NRS 484B.770)

Light Up at Night
Use a white light on the front, red reflector on the rear, and reflective material on the sides of your bike when riding at night (NRS 484B.783)

Brake it Up
Brakes should enable wheels to skid (NRS 484B.783)


Bicycling Tips


Protect Your Head
Helmets are not required but should be worn to prevent injury

Go With the Flow
Check your bikeís mechanical condition before riding Donít follow vehicles closely or ride in their blind spot May ride on the sidewalk as well as the roadway Always yield to pedestrians

Safe Routes to School

The Clark County School District, with the help of the Nevada Department of Transportation, Southern Nevada Health District and Communities Putting Prevention to Work, has teamed up with the City of Henderson and other local jurisdictions for Safe Routes to School.

The national program promotes safe school commutes, as well as living an active lifestyle. Students are encouraged to bike and walk to and from school.

Get involved in the school district’s Safe Routes to School program.