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Neighborhood Enhancement Grant Guidelines


Thank you for your interest in the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant! The City of Henderson values the opportunity to partner with neighborhood groups on projects that benefit our community. The following guidelines were designed to assist you in determining if your project qualifies for a grant and to help you complete the application: 

  • Grants are awarded on a first-come, first-served basis

  • Applications must be completed in their entirety. Applications will not be reviewed until all information is received.

  • The HOA or NHA board presidentís original signature is required.

  • The following information must be attached to the application:
    - Pictures or renderings of the project area
    - A detailed bid identifying the project scope and all related costs (if the work is to be performed by a licensed contractor).

  • HOAs applying for the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant must provide an IRS Form W-9.

  • Projects must be permanent and benefit the entire neighborhood in either a physical or social capacity. Examples include landscaping, signage and events that encourage neighborhood relationship building.

  • Volunteer labor is calculated at the rate of $18 per hour.

  • No work is to be started prior to approval of the application. Beginning work prior to approval may result in denial.

  • All required permits must been obtained.  Approval of the Enhancement Grant application does not constitute approval of related permits.

  • Neighborhood groups are limited to one grant per calendar year and three grants per lifetime.


View our gallery of projects or complete the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant application here.


For more information on the Neighborhood Enhancement Grant, please contact Emily Lewis at (702) 267-2008 or by e-mail at