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"If I Were the Mayor of Henderson..." Essay Contest 2010

In a presentation moderated by Mayor Andy Hafen, the five winners read their essays at the Galleria at Sunset in conjunction with City Hall at the Mall.  Additionally, the students were recognized at the December 7, 2010, City Council Meeting.

Here are the 2010 winning essays:

Kelsey Antolick, Glen C. Taylor Elementary School

Henderson is "A Place to Call Home", so if I were Mayor I would make Henderson ecofriendly with a monthly curbside pickup for batteries and electronics. I would also start a weekly carpool day and have a yearly shoe drive to recycle shoes into play surfaces and running tracks. I would create jobs and community pride with a Henderson Fair held yearly and have a buddy program to help those less fortunate. I would support a 5K/1M fun race monthly to help raise money for recreation centers and libraries. I would support Henderson's motto 100%!

Sydney Babakitis, Vanderburg Elementary School

If the power of being Mayor was in my hands I would create a "Henderson Helping Hands" program. I would start by using the vacant buildings that aren't being cared for. People who are unemployed could come to these buildings to repair the structures and landscaping, train for new jobs, and create neighborhood security programs to keep crime rates low. They would meet new people and donate their time to families who are less fortunate. They could even train to become volunteer firefighters or police. This would keep people motivated to look out for themselves, each other, and our community.    

Nika Johnson, Lake Mead Christian Academy

If I were the Mayor of Henderson, I would make Henderson a secure and clean environment for people to live in. I would make certain that everyone would feel welcomed. Also, I would make sure that all schools have high-quality education, the finest teachers and an exceptional athletic program. Every month there would be a city event, like a carnival, fiesta, cook-off, barbeque, or block party, to help raise money for the people who are less fortunate. I would do my best to make the city of Henderson a better neighborhood to live in.

Kianni Kennedy, Robert Taylor Elementary School

If I were a mayor, I would be in charge of meetings. I would be in charge of many emergencies, set policies and procedures. For instance, a mayor supports people who clean the environments. I would work hard to be one who supports that cause. I would give jobs to many people. Finally, being a mayor means I can work to make the city a better place. The best thing to do would be study other cities to learn how they take care of emergencies. I know: I will start a "City Mayor" study group.

Luke Ovens, Vanderburg Elementary School

As mayor of Henderson I propose to create more tourist attractions to generate money for the economy. The tourist attractions I propose would be building museums, hosting concerns and supporting sports teams. I believe these attractions would make people visit Henderson to spend money on concerts and sporting events. This will help our economy. As mayor I would ask the employed people of Henderson to donate money for these projects. I would then hire the unemployed people of Henderson to build and run these attractions. In conclusion, these attractions will make money to help our local economy.  


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