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"If I Were the Mayor of Henderson..." Essay Contest 2009

In a presentation moderated by Mayor Andy Hafen, the five fifth-grade winners of the 2009 "If I Were the Mayor of Henderson..." Essay contest read their winning essays at the Galleria at Sunset in conjunction with City Hall at the Mall.  They again read their essays at the December 1, 2009 City Council Meeting where they received a $50 savings bond.

Noah Grace, Twitchell Elementary School

If I were the mayor of Henderson I would have more water parks during summer. Henderson could benefit from this by making money for health care and keeping the residents cooled off during the hot summer days. I would build a renewable energy power plant with solar panels and a better recycling program that recycles yard clippings.  This would benefit Henderson by using all the sun we get each day and recycling all the trash we get from everyone and would reduce the landfills. I would limit smoking. This would benefit Henderson because the air would be cleaner.

Nicholas Herrero, Lake Mead Christian Academy

If I were the mayor of Henderson, I would change a few things. First, I would speed up work on the streets leaving them closed for just a little bit. Second, I would have special events planned on Labor Day for those who work hard. Third, every 10th of the month, I would have volunteers go around and help the homeless, senior citizens, and pick up all the litter we could find on the roads. Fourth, I would maintain our position as Tree City U.S.A. Mayor is a BIG responsibility that would be cool to have.

Bradley Jackson, Lake Mead Christian Academy

If I were the Mayor of Henderson, I would promote good grades at schools, inspiring children to become global citizens, starting by helping out their local community. I would create “Helping Heal Henderson”, a day where families could help feed the homeless or clean up trash in local neighborhoods. I would promote eco-friendly living, asking people to turn off lights when not in use, and to conserve water. I would help people understand that making changes in our local community can make an impact on the rest of the world.

Ashlee Rowley, Aggie Roberts Elementary School

If I were Henderson’s Mayor I would be honest and respectful. If I tell someone I am going to do something, I will go out of my way and do it. I won’t make a promise I can’t keep. I won’t lie to Henderson residents. Every month I would set a meeting for Henderson citizens to attend. I will listen to everyone’s ideas on how we can improve Henderson and make it a safer place. I will also try to make their ideas come to life. If we can make someone’s idea work, I will reward them.

Brandon Thomas, Twitchell Elementary School

If I was the Mayor of Henderson, I would focus on putting in community parks and beautiful landscape to provide places to play, a pretty town, and to put people back to work. Also I would bring in more tourists by making more entertainment which would also make more jobs.  I would make the school day longer to make our students in Henderson the most competitive in the U.S. I would focus on keeping our city safe by providing more funding for police and fire departments. I would keep our city beautiful, safe, and a fun place to live.

For more information, contact Tyler Garland at (702) 267-2006 or Tyler.