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"If I Were the Mayor of Henderson..." Essay Contest 2008

In a presentation moderated by Councilwoman Gerri Schroder, the five fifth-grade winners of the 2008 "If I Were the Mayor of Henderson..." Essay contest read their winning essays at the Galleria at Sunset in conjunction with City Hall at the Mall. 

Xante Brown

Xante Brown, Green Valley Christian School

If I, Xante Brown, were Mayor of Henderson I would help keep our environment clean by creating a recycling law.  There is graffiti in Henderson, I would make the kids who did it clean it up.  I would make parks available every 10 miles with plenty of shade and clean restrooms.  I would visit every school in Henderson, so that every student could meet me.  I would fight to keep taxes low, so every family could stay in their home.  Lastly I would make history by being the first African American female to be the Mayor of Henderson.

Kaitlyn Guerin

Kaitlyn Guerin, Sue Morrow Elementary School

If I were the mayor of Henderson, I would provide homeless shelters with gently-used clothes and books.  I would lower taxes 5-10 percent, because I believe that there is a huge issue with our economy.  I would supply the men and women of our city, going to war, with the best equipment and proper clothing for war, and help care for their families while they are away.  I would help the City of Henderson with any issues, concerns, and problems.  In conclusion, I would try SUPER hard to be the best young mayor for Henderson I could be!

Makynna Meegan

Makynna Meegan, Lake Mead Christian Academy

I would have all non-emergency personnel work four ten hour days to save money from running vehicles, air conditioning, etc. I would allow employees who can do their jobs from home to stay home. All City of Henderson filings and forms should be able to be done online. I would place concrete posts in front of bus stops to prevent vehicles from hitting pus passengers. I would also set up an online chat with the public once a month where they could tell me their ideas and solutions to community problems.

Lindsey Murphy

Lindsey Murphy, Elise Wolff Elementary School

If I were Mayor of Henderson Iíd have many new ideas.  Iíd help with the economy, environment, health, education, and many other things.  Another thing I would like to do is help the citizens of Henderson.  I will also try to raise money for Hendersonís schools, businesses, and events.  For the environment I would have solar powered electricity.  Another way is to make citizens recycle.  Iíd help make health care in Henderson better by raising money for hospitals and try to make less violence.  I would help education in Henderson by making schools fun and help the students learn more.

Jonathan Rolle

Jonathan Rolle, Twitchell Elementary School

If I were the Mayor of Henderson, I would make my city a better place by helping the economy and the environment.  I would ask schools to put recycling bins in each classroom.  Once a month, there would be a No Driving Day, where only buses could be used for school and work.  I would fight for multiple recycling plants to create jobs and recycled items.  Since the economy is bad, I would use items from the recycling plant to sell to other states.  I would make Henderson the number one recycling city in the U.S.A.!

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