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"If I Were the Mayor of Henderson..." Essay Contest 2007

If I Were the Mayor Winners with Mayor and CouncilIn September of 2007, the City of Henderson announced the first annual “If I Were the Mayor of Henderson…” Essay Contest. Coordinated by the City of Henderson Neighborhood Services Division, the “If I Were the Mayor of Henderson…” Essay Contest was opened to all Henderson 5th-graders. Out of the 222 entries received, a prescreening process narrowed the group to 78. The 78 essays were then reviewed by the Mayor’s Office and a City selection panel that selected the five winning essays based on spelling, grammar, originality and understanding of local government. 

In a presentation moderated by Councilwoman Gerri Schroder, the five winners read their essays at the Galleria at Sunset in conjunction with City Hall at the Mall.  Additionally, the students were recognized at the December 11, 2007 City Council Meeting.

Here's what our five winning 5th-graders would do if they were the Mayor of Henderson!

If I Were the Mayor Winner - Travis Cerbin

Travis Cerbin, Lake Mead Christian Academy

As an off-road motorcycle rider I have noticed that the areas around Henderson that a person is allowed to ride have been eliminated due to dust and other environmental issues.  If I was the Mayor of Henderson I would work with the City Planners and Parks and Recreation Department to plan, fund and build an off-road motorcycle park.  It would be a place that Henderson residents could pay a fee to ride their motorcycles.  Fees collected would be used for dust control and park maintenance.


If I Were the Mayor Winner - Gabrielle Eustache

Gabrielle Eustache, Twitchell Elementary

If I were Mayor, I would promote Henderson’s “green” projects.  I would work hard to protect our desert environment.  I would do this by declaring a “Henderson Walks to School Day – An Energy Conservation Awareness Day.”  Another thing I would do is bring new businesses to Henderson.  Companies that are leading the way in solar energy would keep our economy strong.  Lastly, I would work to redevelop our older sections of town by building new homes there and not building up our mountains.  I love our beautiful desert home, and as Mayor, I would keep Henderson “naturally beautiful”.        


If I Were the Mayor Winner - Taylor Hart

Taylor Hart, Twitchell Elementary

If I were Mayor of Henderson, I would get a group of young kids together to listen to their ideas and see what opportunities Henderson can offer for young kids.  I would also work with businesses to help raise money for programs for young children to keep them off the streets.  Also, as Mayor of Henderson I would work hard to keep the parks clean for the children and their parents.  There are so many opportunities for the Mayor to do great things for their community.  I will do my best to make Henderson the greatest community of them all!          


If I Were the Mayor Winner - Isaac Martinez

Isaac Martinez, Lake Mead Christian Academy

If I were the Mayor of Henderson, there are four main areas I would focus on.  First of all, I would make sure parks and streets are clean and the garbage is picked up.  Second, I would keep people safe by having plenty of firemen and policemen.  I also would take care of children by making good schools and organizing sports programs.  Finally, I would encourage businesses to come to Henderson, to provide better jobs for citizens.  The more money citizens make, the more they spend, and the more taxes they pay.  Of course, I would spend the taxes wisely.


If I Were the Mayor Winner - Carly Renner

Carly Renner, Walker International School

If I were the Mayor I’d go to all the schools in Henderson and teach them about the City of Henderson.  I’d also make a day at the schools in Henderson where everybody could represent the Mayor or someone else on the Council.  I’d get better education and free tutoring for everyone who wanted it.  Adults could write to me with suggestions for a better community.  So if I were the Mayor, I would focus on education to get a better community for children and adults to live in.    


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