September 2012

Provide Input on the RTC's Regional Transportation Plan!

The Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada (RTC) is currently seeking input from residents as it prepares its Regional Transportation Plan (RTP). This plan serves as the RTC’s guide for transportation decisions over the next 20 years, and is developed with the participation of the city of Henderson and all other local municipalities. It includes proposed development and improvement of roadway, bicycle, and pedestrian infrastructure.

If you’re interested, here is your chance to provide input. Your may either:

1. Take this free, 5-minute survey:

2. Email for an electronic copy

3. Call (702) 676-1606 to request a print/electronic copy

4. Pick-up/submit a copy by visiting the RTC’s Administrative Office located at: 600 S. Grand Central Pkwy, Las Vegas, Nevada 89106-4512

5. Pick-up/submit a copy by visiting the Bonneville Transit Center located at: 101 E. Bonneville Ave., Las Vegas, Nevada, 89101

6. To make a submission in Spanish, call (702) 676-1606 for assistance

Responses will be accepted through 4 p.m. on Thursday, September 13. For additional information please contact Amber Stidham at the RTC, ph. (702) 676-1571 or by email at



Water Street District Street Closures

The Henderson Events Plaza and Water Street District is scheduled to host a number of special events this fall. Water Street, along with other streets within the Water Street District, will close to accommodate these events. Please expect traffic delays. For more information on the events listed below, please visit


Ho’olaule’a Festival                      

September 15, 5am to September 16, 9pm

Water Street Closed (Basic Road – Atlantic Avenue)               


Super Run Classic Car Show

September 20, 6pm to September 23, 8pm

Water Street Closed   (Ocean Avenue – Victory Road)            


Cowboy BBQ of Henderson

October 4, 5am to October 8, 6am

Water Street Closed (Basic Road – Atlantic Avenue)        


October 4, 5am to October 8, 6am

Atlantic Avenue Closed (Eldorado Parking Lot – Water Street)    

International Hispanic Day Parade

October 12, 11pm to October 13, 1pm

Ocean Avenue Closed (Van Wagenen – Haynes)                     

October 13, 5am to 12pm

Atlantic Avenue Closed (Lead Street – Water Street)                

October 13, 5am to 12pm

Pacific Avenue Closed                                                               October 13, 5am to 12pm

Water Street Closed (Ocean Avenue – Victory Road)            


Henderson Pavilion Concerts & Events

The Henderson Pavilion will host a number of concerts in the next couple months. Please expect a higher volume of traffic around the venue and surrounding areas including Green Valley Parkway and Paseo Verde Parkway. Slight delays may occur during the following dates and times. For more information on the events listed below, please visit


Henderson Symphony Orchestra 

September 14, 8pm-10pm



September 15, 7pm-10pm



September 21-23 &  September 28-30, 8pm-10pm


Disney’s Imagination Movers

October 5, 7pm-9pm


Henderson Symphony Orchestra

October 12, 8pm-10pm


Green Valley HOA Yard Sale

October 13, 7am-12pm


LDS Regional Youth Conference

October 14, 7pm-8:30pm



October 19, 8am-12pm


Roots Reggae Uprising 2012

October 20, 4pm - 10pm


Grits & Glamour Tour

October 21, 5pm-8pm 



Shakespeare in the Park

The city of Henderson is bringing its Shakespeare in the Park event to a park close to your neighborhood!  The Las Vegas Shakespeare Company will perform Hamlet over four Saturdays in October. Residents should expect an increase of traffic near Sonata Park, October 6; Discovery Park, October 13; River Mountain Park, October 20; and Lake Las Vegas, October 27, between 7pm-9pm all four days. For more information on the events listed below, please visit



Lisa's Landscape Corner

-by Lisa Ortega, City of Henderson Urban Forester

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot of plans for landscape conversions come through my HOA review committees. I admit that, due to my line of work, I probably worry more than other committee members. When I see those large trees heading to rock landscapes I shudder. If you have large trees and are planning a landscape conversion, here are a few tips to help make it successful:

- Before you begin, water the existing landscape you are going to keep

- Water while you work

- Avoid root compaction by vehicles underneath your trees

- Plan to convert turf to rock when temperatures are cool - fall is a great time

- Avoid tearing and removing lots of roots, which can throw a tree into decline

Remember, trees like ash, purple leaf plum and other thin barked trees don’t do well when put under the pressure of hot rock and excessive reflectivity of heat and light
While there are many benefits to landscape conversions, they can negatively affect all trees. The less invasive the procedure on the roots, the more likely for success. Replacement water is critical, so make sure to thoroughly water the complete area under the canopy - a few drippers probably won’t do!


Congratulations to our new Police Chief, Patrick Moers!



Chief Moers was sworn in at July 17 City Council meeting. He is the 12th person to head the department since the city’s incorporation in 1953.

To learn more about Chief Moers, view his biography.





August Neighborhood Leadership Forum...


It's not something we have to deal with often here in the desert, but due to the extreme amount of rain on August 22, we were forced to cancel our August forum.

We know that many of you are interested in the scheduled topic (ironically) of  emergency preparedness. Therefore, we will simply postpone the presentation until our December forum. Stay tuned for information on the date!






Officers from our Community Relations Unit (CRU) are available to attend your HOA board meetings and help you set up a Neighborhood Watch. If your neighborhood is experiencing any problems, they can discuss various crime prevention strategies that can be implemented.

Call (702) 267-5100 for more information.






Clean Out Your Garage and Help Protect the Environment!

On Saturday, September 17, an electronic recycling event will be held at Siemens Industry - 6860 Bermuda Road. Free Paper Shredding will also be available.

View the flier here.




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