June 2011



Our first Henderson Shines community cleanup and education event was a resounding success!

  • Almost 4.5 tons of trash was thrown away in the dumpsters

  • Over 450 vehicles drove through the drop off area (clothes, shredding, hazardous materials, garbage, recycling)

  • Ten tons of household waste were safely disposed of

This could not have been accomplished without the generosity of our partners at Republic Services. We also want to thank staff from Opportunity Village, the lovely Go Green Girl and the many others who helped make Henderson Shines possible.


 A second event is being planned this fall. Stay tuned for more information!


Henderson Pavilion Concerts & Events

The Henderson Pavilion will host the Symphonic Rock Show on July 18 from 7pm-11pm. Please expect a higher volume of traffic around the venue and surrounding areas, including Green Valley Parkway and Paseo Verde Parkway, at that time.

Henderson Events Plaza Concerts & Events

A variety of performances and special events are scheduled at the Henderson Events Plaza this month. The Water Street District and surrounding areas may experience a higher volume of traffic near the venue. Slight delays may occur during the following dates and times: 

·         June 17, ArtBeat presented by Target, 4pm-11pm

·         June 18, Red Bull Mania Skateboard Competition,  3pm-10pm

·         June 24, ArtBeat presented by Target, 4pm-11pm 

Fourth of July Celebration

The City of Henderson will celebrate Independence Day, Monday, July 4 at Basic High School from 6pm-9pm. To accommodate the event and set-up, PUEBLO STREET, from Burkholder to McKenzie, WILL BE CLOSED at approximately 6 a.m. on Monday, July 4.

Only handicap parking will be available at Basic High School and is on a first-come, first-served basis. For your convenience, complimentary shuttle service will be provided beginning at 5:30pm at the following designated satellite locations: 

·         Morrell Park

·         Valley View Recreation Center

·         Heritage Park Senior Facility & Aquatic Complex

·         Church Parking Lot (Corner of Burkholder & Racetrack)


 For a full listing of all upcoming events, visit hendersonlive.com.




Summer Landscape Tips

by Lisa Ortega, City of Henderson Urban Forester


As summer finds its way back to the Valley, take time for a quick check of your landscape. Start by confirming your correct water days. Then turn on your sprinkler valves manually or be there when your clock is set to send the water to your valves. Is your system running correctly? Take a good look - do you have any missing emitters or loose fittings that are leaking water? Have the emitters become clogged due to the amount of minerals in our water? This annual check can save you lots of money!

Most trees and shrubs tell us when they aren’t getting enough water. Unfortunately, not all plants show signs of decline as fast as we’d like them to. Look for trees that have branch tips with no leaves or scorching of the leaf edges. Remember, symptoms of overwatering and under watering can look the same - you have to get out and examine the area. Even in turf, trees need deep, infrequent water since the roots of the turf and tree compete for resources. If you need to know how much water, get a shovel and hose and check the dirt under the crown of the tree. It should be wetted about a foot deep to encourage a nice two-foot profile of active roots.

Your trees will thank you for taking time for this quick check - and so will your neighbors! Stay cool this summer and stay tuned for more seasonal landscape tips.





A heartfelt "thank you" to Ward IV Councilman Steve Kirk for his many years of service to the City of Henderson. We wish him success in his future endeavors!










Are you ready to work with the Police Department to make a difference in your neighborhood?



The HPD wants to help you set up a Neighborhood Watch.


For those communities that already have a Neighborhood Watch, don't forget to schedule your annual meeting.


You may contact Officer David Kohlmeier at (702) 267-4495 or make your request online.




Missed one of our past crime prevention tips? Find a full listing here.





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