March 2013


Does your community need financial assistance with an improvement project?

Interested in holding a block party or neighborhood cleanup to get to know your neighbors?

The Neighborhood Enhancement Grant can help!


The Neighborhood Enhancement Grant is a reimbursement program that provides assistance of up to $5,000 in matching funds to registered neighborhood groups.

Since 2008, we have awarded over 40 grants to HOAs and neighborhood associations. Funds have been used for a wide range of projects that benefit Henderson neighborhoods in either a physical or social capacity - new signage, landscaping improvements, gazebo repair, community events and the list goes on!

To learn more about the program requirements and see a gallery of completed projects, visit our website or contact Emily Lewis at (702) 267-2008 or by email





Henderson Pavilion Concerts & Events

Streets surrounding the Henderson Pavilion will experience a higher volume of traffic this spring due to several concerts and events at the venue. Slight delays may occur during the following dates and times.       

March 29  Jesse Cook 8pm-10pm
April 19-21 & April 26-28 Charlotte’s Web  Times Vary
April 30 Chris Tomlin   7pm-9pm
May 4  Henderson Shines! 8am-1pm
May 18 Blues Traveler 7pm-10pm


Water Street District Street Closures

The Water Street District will experience temporary street closures to accommodate a variety of special events. Please expect traffic delays.


Southern Nevada Sons of Erin

St. Patrick’s Day Parade & Festival

March 12-18, 2013

City Hall Visitor Parking Lot (240 S. Water Street)

CLOSED: March 12, 6:30pm-March 18, 6:30am

Water Street (Minor to Basic & Atlantic to Victory)

CLOSED: March 15, 11pm-March 16, 2pm

Water Street (Basic to Atlantic) & Atlantic Avenue (Eldorado Parking Entrance to Water)

CLOSED: March 15, 11pm-March 16, 6pm


Henderson Heritage Parade & Festival

April 5-6, 2013

Ocean Avenue (Van Wagenen to Haynes) & Victory Road (Water to Atlantic)

CLOSED: April 5, 11pm to April 6, 12pm

Atlantic Avenue (Lead to Water) & Water Street (Ocean to Basic & Pacific to Victory)

CLOSED: April 6, 5am to 1pm

Water Street (Basic to Pacific)

CLOSED: April 6, 5am to 6pm


Cornerstone Park

The new Cornerstone Park, 1600 Wigwam Parkway, will host the Bicycle Swap & Rally, April 6 from 10am-4pm. Please expect an increase of traffic near the park. Delays may occur.



For more information on road closures and detour routes, please visit or call the city of Henderson Department of Cultural Arts & Tourism at (702) 267-2171.






Lisa's Landscape Corner

-by Lisa Ortega, City of Henderson Urban Forester

"Keep pruning to a minimum and spend your time planting!"

Stop that pruning! Yes, it’s time to let your trees spend all their energy developing plumping buds - a job that requires stored energy from last fall’s sugar and can its toll. But with a few tips it will be easy for you to support the effort and… TAH-DAH... you'll have new leaves for shade in 2013! 

Trees and woody shrubs need their soil replenished with both water and nutrients!  A good soak is in order. It will support the needs of the trees in their seasonal work to set leaves.  Warmer soil temperatures get the roots active, so the water must be available. Soak it in NOW to be ready for those 80 degree temperatures coming our way. 

Give those trees a boost of nitrogen. It will aid in the photosynthesis process. You can also use a complete fertilizer – one that has all the micronutrients trees need. Spread some delicious (to the tree) mulch below trees and away from the trunk. This is us city-folks' way of recreating the nutrient cycling found in our nation's forests. No matter what - DO SOMETHING!  Look for aphids while you selectively prune back unruly and overgrown shrubs. Water and a bit of dish soap sprayed on those green bugs will keep them away. A big shot of water from the hose also helps to take them off; then give them a sudsy spray. Stay persistent and they’ll go away!

Great veggies to plant now include beets, artichokes, chives, potatoes, spinach and even peanuts!  A comprehensive list of can be found at the UNR Cooperative Extension Website. They also have a variety of helpful classes. Still have questions?  Call the Master Gardener Home Gardening Help Line at (702) 257-5555. You’ll be greeted by some friendly folks with sound advice for all your desert gardening needs. 

Happy Planting!   



National Neighborhood Watch Awards of Excellence

The National Sheriffs' Association, in partnership with the Bureau of Justice Assistance, Office of Justice Programs, U. S. Department of Justice is pleased to announce that they are accepting nominations for the 10th Annual National Neighborhood Watch Awards of Excellence to be presented during the General Session of the 2013 National Sheriffs' Association Conference in Charlotte, NC.

All law enforcement agencies, Neighborhood Watch groups, organizations, and/or programs that have made an exceptional contribution to the Neighborhood Watch program in their communities are encouraged to submit nominations to the National Sheriffs' Association by March 31, 2013.

For complete information on eligibility, criteria, and nomination forms please click here.

Click here to read about the 2012 award winners.


Attention Ward I residents - don't forget Councilwoman Schroder's upcoming Neighborhood Connections meeting!

Join Mayor Hafen and the Councilwoman to learn about City projects and ask questions.


Date: Thursday, March 21

Time: 6-7pm

Location: Heritage Park Senior Facility

Learn more about the event





Officers from our Community Relations Unit (CRU) are available to attend your HOA board meetings and help you set up a Neighborhood Watch. If your neighborhood is experiencing any problems, they can discuss various crime prevention strategies that can be implemented.

Call (702) 267-5100 for more information.




Want to learn something new?


How about taking a free class coordinated by the State of Nevada Ombudsman's Office!


The Office of the Ombudsman offers classes for those who live, work or own property within homeowners associations. All classes are free and open to the public.


For more information, view the class calendar. You may also contact Ken Richardson at (702) 486-4480 or by e-mail.




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