August 2013




Ironman Street Closures

The City of Henderson hosts the 2013 Ironman World Championship 70.3 on Sunday, September 8. More than 1,800 athletes will compete in the triathlon. To ensure safety, a number of Henderson roads and traffic lanes will be closed between 6am and 5pm. Visit for a complete list of traffic impacts and detour routes or call the city of Henderson Department of Cultural Arts & Tourism at (702) 267-2171.


Southern Nevada Strong Community Improvement Project Launches Series of Open Houses

Southern Nevada Strong invites you to an upcoming open house in your area. Southern Nevada Strong is a regional planning initiative to better integrate transportation, housing, and job opportunities throughout Southern Nevada. The project is a one-time community project to develop a regional plan to improve the region's economic resilience and competitiveness.

We want to make sure the plan reflects your input! Take part in an open house near you and participate at the interactive stations while learning how Southern Nevada Strong is working to improve our region.
Open houses will include:

• Brief presentation(s) on Southern Nevada Strong at the top of each hour

• Residents will have the opportunity to review priorities for the Regional Plan and rank areas throughout the Valley that they feel are best positioned to better connect transportation, housing and job opportunities through iPad surveys

• Photo preference survey of land use and development choices

• Activities for kids & more

Help build a brighter future in our community. Take the survey today:





Lisa's Landscape Corner

A special thank you to Jixon (Jason) Liu, our Urban Forestry Intern, who contributed this month's column.


Have our summer storms left your yard mess with dead branches, dirt and trash?  Necessary landscape cleanup may include removing soil from hardscapes, large and small branch pruning and a bit of shrub tidying.  For turf: mowing, edging and irrigation system checks will be on your list of things to do.

Help keep the public safe by pruning your trees!  Cut off the dead and hanging branches.  If you have excessive damage, use caution tape and section off the area.  Remove trees that are heavily damaged, making sure you cut at the branch bark ridge.  You can research this location, or better yet, hire a certified arborist.  Even downed trees can pose a threat when wood is grown under tension - bark can snap and trees can twist on their way to the ground. Cracking can also be internal to a large tree branch and even hide from a trained eye. Improper or pruning that tops a tree will in the long run make the tree weak, and can damage or kill the plant But remember,  this is the time plants absorb the energy and produce food for them to grow and live during winter. So do not prune too much!  Only get what’s necessary. Leave other work for the winter.

Never top the tree! Topping is a destructive and obsolete pruning practice that involves cutting back large branches to stubs, leaving wounds that invite decay and disease into the tree. Topping destroys a tree’s natural shape, beauty and grace. Branches will respond with a vigorous growth of weakly attached limbs that are more susceptible to breakage and storm damage and require more frequent maintenance than the original branches.

Edging about 3-4” allows a crisp, clean appearance and also keeps mulch from spilling on to turf areas once it is applied. Proper edging could prevent soil washout during storm events. A power edging tool can be handy when edging your lawn, but be careful near your irrigation system and plants.

Next, apply some new mulch to your plants. The mulch could be the leaves you just raked up!  Even after a storm Southern Nevada is still hot; mulching could save the moisture, prevent weeds and keep the soil cool. Add some decomposed organic matter under the mulch to help bring nutrients to your plants.

We may see more storms this summer, but with proper cleanup your landscape should look better than ever!


Looking for a new best friend? How about adopting a pet from the Henderson Animal Care and Control Facility?

Visit the Animal Control website to view dogs and cats that are waiting for  new homes.





Become an even greater asset to your community by

taking a free class coordinated by the State of Nevada Ombudsman's Office!



The Office of the Ombudsman offers classes for those who live, work or own property within homeowners associations. All classes are free and open to the public.


For more information, view the class calendar. You may also contact Ken Richardson at (702) 486-4480 or by e-mail.







HPD - Making a Difference in Our



Officers from our Community Relations Unit (CRU) are available to attend your HOA board meetings and help you set up a Neighborhood Watch. If your neighborhood is experiencing any problems, they can also discuss various crime prevention strategies that can be implemented.

Call (702) 267-5100 or visit the CRU website for more information.


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