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Mediation Program

The Henderson Mediation Program

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The City of Henderson is proud to partner with the Clark County Neighborhood Justice Center (NJC) to provide residents with free mediation services. Sessions are held at one of our Henderson libraries, conveniently located throughout the City.

A dispute with your neighbor can destroy your quality of life. Our Neighborhood Services Division has four certified mediators available to assist with issues such as barking dogs, overhanging landscaping, and noise concerns. In the last year, over 75% of the cases we mediated resulted in an agreement between parties. 

Find out more about mediation and how it works.

How do I start the process?

To request a mediation, contact the Neighborhood Services Division at 702-267-2000. Be prepared to provide your name, address, telephone number and a brief description of the situation.

Animal Control mediation referrals

If you have received a letter regarding an Animal Control mediation, learn more here.

View our brochure, mediation guidelines, and agreement form. You can also view a fun and educational video brought to you by the Department of Veterans Affairs.

For more information on the Henderson Mediation Program, contact us at 702-267-2000 or by e-mail.            

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