Neighborhood Services

Acronym List

The following acronyms and their definitions have been compiled to help you better understand the many organizations and programs connected with the City of Henderson Housing Division. You can follow the links for more information.

ADA – Americans with Disabilities Act

CDBG – Community Development Block Grant

CE – Code Enforcement

DOE – Department of Energy

DPL – Deferred Payment Loan Program

DT RDA – Downtown Redevelopment Area

ER – Environmental Review

ES RDA – Eastside Redevelopment Area

FEAC – Fund for Energy Assistance and Conservation

HELP – Homeownership Enrichment Landscape Program

HERA – Housing and Economic Recovery Act

HOME – Home Investment Partnership Program

HQS – Housing Quality Standards

HUD – Housing and Urban Development

LIHEA – Low Income Housing Energy Assistance

LIHTF – Low Income Housing Trust Fund

NCDA – National Community Development Association

NHA/NA – Neighborhood Association

NHD – Nevada Housing Division

NSP – Neighborhood Stabilization Program

OMB – Office of Management and Budget

PHA – Public Housing Agency

PMC – Property Maintenance Code

RDA – Redevelopment Authority

SNRPC – Southern Nevada Regional Planning Commission

TURF – Turf Removal Program