October 2012 | News and information from the City of Henderson 

    In stressful times it is often easy to neglect your health, but being healthy is one of the most important things you can do for yourself and your family. Physical activity relieves stress, boosts energy, combats disease, controls weight and adds years to your life. With 54 parks and more than 66 miles of walking and biking trails to discover, you donít need to join a gym to be healthy in Henderson. Walking and bicycling are just some of the many physical activities you can enjoy as a family. I have always enjoyed being physically active with my children and now have the chance to walk and bike with my grandchildren. Over the next year, the City of Henderson will implement new programs and activities that will make it easier and safer to walk and ride your bike.
    The City of Henderson has begun the process to become an officially-recognized Bicycle Friendly Community. Advancing a culture of bicycling will have a profound impact on the community by reducing traffic congestion and air pollution, promoting the health and well-being of residents, and even attracting new residents and businesses. Over the next year the City will implement bicycle-friendly programs in five areas: Engineering, Education, Encouragement, Enforcement, and Planning. The Cityís goal is to apply to the League of American Bicyclists for the Bicycle Friendly Community designation in February 2014. In the meantime, take advantage of Hendersonís extensive network of bike lanes and trails and check out upcoming bicycle-friendly events.
    Nearly 30,000 Henderson single-family residences were added to the enhanced recycling program in October, increasing participation to roughly half the community. Republic Services reported a 58% increase in the volume of recycled material collected over the last year. Participants indicate their key reason for increased recycling is the ease of tossing recyclables into one container rather than sorting them into the red, white and blue bins. An added benefit to the program is a clean neighborhood on trash pick-up day, because material is neatly stored in closed containers and safe from the wind and scavengers. Find out more about the enhanced recycling program and view a map of residences on the program with their assigned trash and recycling pick-up day.
    October is national Domestic Violence Awareness Month and the Henderson Coordinated Community Response (HCCR) program is urging the community to be aware of the resources available to help victims of domestic violence. HCCR is a network of community partners working toward preventing domestic violence and protecting victims of domestic abuse. In 2011, the Henderson Police Department responded to almost 9,000 family disturbances. Through the support of HCCR, many of these victims received financial assistance for rent and utility payments, referrals for temporary housing, and counseling and legal services. Visit the City of Hendersonís website for more information on HCCR and how you can help.
    The weather is cooler, school is back in session and already we are looking forward to the holidays. This time of year we are all thinking about our families. As we gather together, let us remember to look out for each other by driving safely through school zones, carrying a flashlight to Trick-or-Treat and checking the holiday lights to prevent an accidental fire. The holidays are a time to reflect on the blessings we have and enjoy the festivities in our community. For more information about keeping your family safe and enjoying the holidays, visit our websites at CityofHenderson.com and HendersonLive.com.

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