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Mayor & Council

Common Questions
  • Who is my city councilman?

    The citizens of Henderson are represented by the City Council. The City Council is made up of the mayor and four council members, all of whom are elected at-large and serve four-year terms. The responsibility of the City Council is to set policies and make decisions concerning many different aspects of local government. The City Council also approves the budget for the City.

    The City of Henderson is divided into four wards, or political subdivisions of proportional electoral size. Each Councilmember must be a resident of the ward they represent.  You can see which ward you are in by looking on the map on the welcome page to the City of Henderson mayor and council website. 

  • When and where are city council meetings?


    In accordance with the Henderson City Charter, the City Council holds two regularly scheduled meetings each month and may notice additional meetings as needed. There are several different types of meetings held by the city council.  They are as follows:


    Committee Meetings

    Committee Meetings are held prior to the Regular meeting of the City Council and provide Council and the public the opportunity to discuss bills (proposed ordinances). The starting time of the Committee Meeting varies depending on the number and complexity of the items to be discussed. Generally, Committee Meetings are held either at 6:30 p.m. or 6:45 p.m. When there are no pending bills, a Committee Meeting will generally not be scheduled.


    Regular City Council Meetings

    Regular Council Meetings are held on the first and third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 p.m. in the City Hall Council Chambers, 240 Water Street. When regularly scheduled meetings fall upon a legal holiday, the Council shall set an alternate date; providing for two weeks notice. Regular Council Meetings may be rescheduled by the Council, by prior action and with public notice.


    Redevelopment Agency (RDA) Meetings

    Created by Resolution No. 1778, the City of Henderson Redevelopment Agency is comprised of the members of the City Council. During RDA meetings, Council and staff assume the following roles:


    Meetings are held on the third Tuesday of the month prior to the Committee and Regular City Council Meetings. Items of business are generated by Redevelopment staff.


    Special Meetings

    A Special Council Meeting may be called by the Mayor or a majority of the Council members in accordance with the Nevada Open Meeting Law.


  • How can I see the agenda for city council meetings?

    Agendas for all meetings City Council and Redevelopment meetings can be obtained on the City Clerk Web site.


    To receive City Council agendas by e-mail, you may e-mail your request to the City Clerk’s office at, listing name, address, and telephone number.


    To receive a mailed agenda, a request can be made by calling the City Clerk’s office at (702) 267-1400; by dialing 7-1-1, utilizing “Relay Nevada” a service provider for hearing or speech impaired persons; or by walking into the Clerk’s office and completing an Agenda Request Form, or completing and submitting an on-line Agenda Request form.


     Agendas for the City Council meetings are then automatically mailed to the requestor the Wednesday prior to the City Council meetings for a period of six months unless renewed.

  • Can Anyone Attend City Council Meetings?


    City Council meetings are open to the public. All citizens, staff, applicants or appellants are welcome to attend and take part in the local legislative process. For schedules and agendas of additional public meetings, link to the City of Henderson’s Events Calendar.

  • Can I speak or participate at a city council meeting?


    Attending a Council meeting is an opportunity for residents to express their opinions, views and/or concerns to the City of Henderson’s decision makers on issues that affect their quality of life.


    Anyone is allowed to speak to the Council during the Public Comment section of the agenda, regarding any subject, whether or not that subject matter is on the agenda.



  • What do I have to do to speak at a council meeting?


    Anyone wishing to speak at a city council meeting should fill out a speaker card.  All speaker cards should be turned in to the City Clerk, whom resides on the lower dais. Speakers will be allowed up to five (5) minutes to speak.


    The table top area centered at the front and middle of the Council Chambers is referred to as the Speaker Podium. It offers speakers the ability to lay out supporting documents and pictures that can be projected through the over-head document camera and displayed for all meeting participants.


    If you plan to use documents, pictures, or maps, which will be displayed to the Council and audience while you are speaking, please ensure that the documents are in clear visual condition, with easy-to-read text. The displays should be as large as possible, without exceeding 2’ x 3’ in size.


    If you plan on presenting a PowerPoint presentation you must provide your own laptop; and make arrangements prior to the start of the meeting with the City Clerk’s office to test your laptop presentation. Nine (9) copies of the presentation must be submitted for distribution and the record.


    The following speaker tips are offered to ensure a smooth presentation:


    • Prepare what you are going to say beforehand. Reading a prepared statement is acceptable and should be submitted for the record.


    • Make your presentation as specific as you can, emphasizing key points. State facts and examples trying not to repeat what a previous speaker might have already stated.


    • When called forward, step closely to the microphone and clearly state your name and address for the record. Remember to always speak into the microphone, even when pointing to maps or displays laying on the speaker podium.


  • I am not comfortable speaking in front of a crowd but I would like the Mayor and Council to know my opinion. What can I do?


    The yellow and green Speaker Cards can be used to voice your opinion regarding an agenda item.  Fill them out at the council meetings and turn them in to the City Clerk.  They will be added as a part of the official record of the meeting.  A citizen can also e-mail their opinions to the council or any support staff.


  • How can I find out what action was taken at a City Council meeting?


    To find out what action was taken at a City Council meeting, you may request an annotated Agenda by telephoning the City Clerk’s office at (702) 267-1400; request to be placed on the Annotated Agenda e-mail list at no charge; or access the Annotated Agenda and Minutes on-line. The Annotated Agenda is a summary of all items discussed and acted upon.


  • How do I get minutes from a public meeting?


    Minutes from a meeting may be obtained by contacting the Henderson City Clerk’s office at (702) 267-1400. “Relay Nevada” a service provider for hearing or speech impaired persons, may be contacted by dialing 7-1-1. City Council meeting minutes can also be accessed on-line via the City Clerk’s web page.



  • How do I request a proclamation?


    Requests for proclamations should be made in writing.  A detailed description of the event or purpose for the proclamation should accompany the request.  If possible, include sample text you would like to see included in your proclamation.  Proclamation request should be made at least two weeks prior to the date the proclamation is needed.  Mail your request to:

    Office of the Mayor and Council

    240 Water Street

    P.O Box 95050

    Henderson, NV  89009-5050


    How do I request one of the city council to attend an event or speak at an event?


    Requests to have the mayor or a city council representative attend an event or to speak at an event should be made in writing. 


    Requests for speaking engagements should be made as far in advance as possible to avoid scheduling difficulties. 



    How do I make a complaint to my councilman?


    Complaints or requests for assistance should be made in writing to your specific councilman.  If you do not know your councilman, click here.


    Once you know who your councilmember is, you may write to him or her using the contact form on this website, or write to them using traditional mail at:


    Name of Council Member

    Office of the Mayor and Council

    240 Water Street

    P.O Box 95050

    Henderson, NV  89009-5050


  • How do I schedule a briefing or meeting with my councilmember?


    Requests for briefings or meetings on items scheduled to be heard by the mayor and city council can be made by calling the mayor and council offices at (702) 267-2085. 


    Please be prepared to offer several dates and times you might be available in order to accommodate scheduling.  Please be aware that you may not always be able to get the first date or time you plan for.


  • What kinds of issues can the city council help with?


    The mayor and city council have jurisdiction over local issues such as roadways, police, fire and emergency response, animal control, sewer and water services, parks and recreation, local zoning and development issues.


    The mayor and council do not have jurisdiction over school district issues such as year round school, school attendance zoning or disciplinary matters. 


    Issues dealing with mental health, healthcare, welfare, social security, Medicare or Medicaid, highways and interstates are also not city issues.  The mayor and city council do not have jurisdiction over these and other county, state and federal matters. 


    Letters of e-mails regarding county, state of federal issues will be referred to the appropriate elected officials in those jurisdictions for their attention.



  • Where can I go to pay a parking ticket?


     Parking tickets are taken care of through the City of Henderson Municipal Court system.  The Traffic Division of the Henderson Municipal Court is located on the 2nd Floor of the Henderson Justice Facility and is open to the public from 7:45 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.  The Justice Facility is located at 243 Water Street.