Mayor And Council

Mayor & Council Praise 1st Responders

Mayor March and Members of the Henderson City Council Praise First Responders for Saving Lives in the Wake of the Strip Shooting Tragedy

Vegas Strong

As our community continues to heal from the October 1 tragedy, we extend our heartfelt thanks to the brave first responders who rushed to help the victims and to everyone who took part in the emergency response efforts or who gave comfort, shelter and medical care to those impacted by the Las Vegas Strip shooting.

The heroes that day were not just police officers, firefighters, paramedics and emergency dispatchers, but ordinary people helping those around them get to safety. We are also grateful to all the hospitals, doctors and medical personnel that saved lives and treated the hundreds who were injured. 

The outpouring of sympathy and generosity from here at home and around the globe touched our hearts as we watched people come together in support of the victims and the families who lost loved ones and to help the survivors.  

As a city, we were directly affected through employees who themselves were victims or who had family members killed or injured. Across Henderson and throughout Southern Nevada, we know there are people with connections to someone who was there that night, someone who was hurt or someone who never came home from the festival. Our hearts go out to each of the victims and their loved ones and we continue to offer prayers of hope and healing for those still recovering physically and emotionally.

Henderson continues to stand united with #VegasStrong and thank you again to all the heroes of October 1.