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Emergency Information

How Safe Is Your Home?

The following quiz will examine your level of preparation and help you plan for your safety.


1. Do you have a NOAA Weather Radio or other battery operated means of monitoring news and
    YES   NO
2. Do you have a family disaster or emergency plan that includes two possible evacuation routs and
    alternative lodging arrangements?
    YES   NO
3. Have you created a Disaster/Emergency Survival Kit?
    YES   NO
4. Do you know how to turn off utilities including water, power and gas?
    YES   NO
5. Is your house number visible to firefighters, law enforcement, and other emergency workers?
    YES   NO
6. Is your driveway accessible to emergency vehicles (adequate clearance on the sides and
    overhead, no tight turns)?
    YES   NO
7. Is there turn around space?
    YES   NO
8. Do you have a system or plan for how to cover windows and doors in the advent of a disaster or
    YES   NO
9. Do you have a way to cover or reinforce your garage door?
    YES  NO
10.Are all storage sheds and other outbuildings securely anchored, either to a permanent
    foundation or with straps and ground anchors?
    YES   NO
11.Are lawn furniture, children's toys, gardening tools, and trash cans stored away from stairs and
    YES   NO
12.Do you have a secure place to store lawn furniture, toys, outside potted plants, trash cans and
    other items that could be picked up by high winds and become projectiles?
    YES   NO
13.Have you cleaned leaves and debris off the roof, out of the gutters, and away from air
    conditioning units?
    YES   NO

Information courtesy of:
Building Disaster Resistant Neighborhoods
Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross