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DSC Records - Frequently Asked Questions

Records Service Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a public record?
    Public records are defined by Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 239.091 as records of a local government entity made, received or kept in the performance of a duty and paid for with public money.
  • What records are available from DSC Records?
    The following public records are available and can be requested through our office:

    • Building permits from 1953 to current
    • Commercial Building plans
    • Residential plans from 1997 to current 
    • Soils reports and structural calculations from 2000 to current
    • Plot plans for houses in residential subdivisions from 1997 to current
    • Civil improvement plans and hydrology.

  • What are your fees for copies?
    Click here for our fee schedule.
  • What is the process for getting copies of my house plans?
    The City is required to maintain copies of the approved permit set of residential drawings for 12 yrs from date of final inspection (Note: this retention was established in 2001 and many houses built prior to 1997 are not available). These records are available for viewing at any time during our office hours.  Please call in advance to ensure that we have the plans readily available.

    Building Plan Copies: We will require written permission from the architect and/or engineer who drew the plans. If your plans were drawn by a contractor, no permission is required.  We will need your address in order to look up your plans.

  • What do my House Plans show?
    House plans provide information related to the foundation, framing, electricity, plumbing and heating/air conditioning.  For houses built as part of a residential subdivision, DSC Records only maintains a single set of plans for each model of house.  (Note: the plans on file with the city are not “as-builts”, meaning that there may be small discrepancies between what is shown on the plans and what was actually built).
  • What if the City no longer has my house plans on file?
    The owner should contact the original builder to request copies through them.  If you do not know who your original builder was, DSC Records can provide this information.
  • Are Commercial Building Plans available?
    Plans for commercial building are available for viewing during regular business hours.  In accordance with NRS 239C (Homeland Security), copies cannot be made of certain commercial building unless:

    • by court order
    • if the requestor is a contractor, engineer working on a project at the site
    • if the requestor is a member of the press

    A letter of permission from the architect or engineer who drew the plans is also required for copies of commercial plans.

  • Are permit records available on-line?
    Information is available for active building permits. You must know the permit number and permit type. Go to the DSC On-line to access this information.
  • How do I get a copy of Civil Plans or Hydrology Studies?
    Copies of Civil Plans and Hydrology Studies are available at DSC Records. The customer will need to know the major cross streets of the project and/or the name of the project.
  • How do I get a copy of a permit or a Certificate of Occupancy?
    Permits and/or Certificates of Occupancy are available at DSC Records during normal business hours. The customer will need to know the property address.  (Note: Commercial Remodels do not receive a Certificate of Occupancy unless the building use changes).
  • I have an expired permit on my property, what do I need to re-open the permit?
    You will need to submit copies of the permit, inspection card, and any plans and/or calculations approved by the City for this permit.  DSC Records can provide you with these copies.  You will also need to contact the Building permit staff to re-open the permit.
  • How long does it take to get a copy of a record?
    Many records are available in DSC Records and may be produced while you wait. Some records of recently built property may not be immediately available.  Please contact DSC Records to check for availability.
  • How do I determine permits for this property up to building code of if there any building code violations?
    DSC Records can print out inspection histories for historical and current permits that will indicate if there are any outstanding building code violations on those permits. (Note: The Building & Fire Safety Department only performs inspections in conjunction with an open permit).
  • I lost my plans, how do I get copies made for the jobsite?
    DSC Records will produce a jobsite copy of the plans for your project. Please contact us during our normal business hours.