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Community Development & Services

Master Sign Plan (MSP)

  • Created and amended by a property owner and/or developer

  • Must meet or exceed City sign code standards

  • Set approved sign sizes, locations and numbers of all free standing and building wall signs allowed

  • Set approved font colors, style, minimum and maximum letter heights and lines of copy

Master Sign Plan Application

DSC Online Permit Tracking: Use Permit Type CMSP & KIVA # (i.e. T201100554)

Master Sign Plan & Permit Record Request

Record requests are sent electronically within 5 business days.  Be sure to review the Master sign plan before submitting your permit application.  To amend a master sign plan, contact Community Development at 702-267-1500 for more information about process and timelines.  To request a record, use the following steps:


1.    Submit a Master Sign Plan & Permit Record Request via Contact Henderson

2.    Select "Records Request" topic

3.    Select "Planning Applications/Entitlements/Master Sign Plans" subtopic

4.    Click the "Next button at the upper right hand corner of the page

5.    Provide contact information

6.    Enter Records Request information


For more information, contact Community Development at (702) 267-1500, Monday through Thursday from 7:30 am - 5:30 pm.