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Development Application Process

Week 1
Deadline Day is the final day to submit a development application to the Community Development Department to be scheduled for a particular Planning Commission meeting. Deadline days are Mondays, occurring once a month. In order to make the deadline, your completed application must arrive by 3:00 p.m. on the deadline day. To see the schedule of deadline days and Planning Commission meetings, see the Filing Schedule.

The day following a deadline day is the day for Distribution of Exhibits. Along with a copy of the application, 11" x 17" copies of the exhibits submitted such as elevations, and site plans are distributed to each member of the Staff Review Committee.  You may access a copy of the current agenda and packet by clicking on the link above and selecting "Staff Review" in the drop-down box.

Projects assigned to project planners. Each application is assigned to a staff planner who will review the application and write a staff report for the project.

Applicants notified of Staff Review Meeting Appointments. If an application is scheduled for Staff Review, the applicant will be called and notified of their scheduled Staff Review Meeting time for the following Wednesday.

Week 2
Representatives from various departments at the City of Henderson participate in Staff Review Meetings. The applicant is given the opportunity to present their project and hear initial feedback from departments such as Fire, New Development, Traffic, Parks and Recreation, Utilities, Economic Development, and Planning. If any aspects of the project are unclear, additional information or clarification may be requested at this time. The applicant will be asked to sign an additional information request form detailing the deficiencies in the application. This can consist of, but is not limited to, a revised justification letter, revised site plans, or revised elevations. The form will also specify a due date for this information, which is typically one week. If the deadline is not met, the application will be forwarded to the next Planning Commission meeting.

Week 3
On the additional information request form detailing the deficiencies of the application, there is a due date to resubmit this information in order to keep the application on the scheduled Planning Commission meeting. The applicant is typically given one week, until the following Wednesday, in which to resubmit the required plans or else the application will automatically be continued for two weeks.

Weeks 4 & 5
The planner assigned to the project will use this time to evaluate the application and exhibits presented and complete Staff Reports, which are then reviewed prior to printing.

Week 7
10 days prior to the Planning Commission Meeting, the Public Notice Signs are posted on the property and Public Hearing Notices are mailed.  Approximately 8 days prior to the Planning Commission Meeting, Staff Reports are delivered to the Planning Commissioners, and mailed to the applicant.

Planning Commission Agendas are posted at least three working days prior to Planning Commission meetings at the following locations: Henderson City Hall, 240 Water Street; Fire Station No. 86, 96 Via Anticendio; Paseo Verde Library, 280 South Green Valley Parkway; Whitney Ranch Recreation Center, 1575 Galleria Drive.

Copies of Staff Reports are available to the general public at the Community Development Department by the Friday prior to the Planning Commission Meeting.

Week 8
Planning Commission Briefings occur the Monday prior to the Planning Commission meeting and are as scheduled per the applicant.

Planning Commission Meetings take place Thursday evenings and begin at 6:00 p.m. in the City Council Chambers, unless otherwise noticed. The Planning Commission takes this opportunity to review and discuss all applications. If an item requires a public hearing this process will occur at this time, with the Planning Commission asking if there is anyone wishing to speak on an item. If you would like to voice your support or opposition to the proposed project you may do so at this time. Once all of the public testimony has been taken, the Planning Commission votes on the item. This recommendation for approval or denial and any specific conditions of that recommendation are forwarded to the City Council.

Week 10
City Council Meeting. The City Council has authority to make final action on an application. This means an item may be forwarded from the Planning Commission with a recommendation and the City Council has the authority to approve or deny the project.  An appeal of a decision from the City Council must be made to the District Court.

Zone changes approved by ordinance follow the standard bill/ordinance adoption process set forth in state statute and the city charter.  As a result, a zone changeís accompanying bill is placed on the same City Council agenda that the zone change is placed on.  The bill is the then referred to the City Councilís next Committee Meeting (typically 2 weeks after the meeting at which the bill is introduced).  Committee Meetings are scheduled just prior to the regular City Council Meetings.  The purpose of this process is to allow the public adequate time to review bills before they are adopted as ordinances and if there are comments to be made, the public has an opportunity to share those comments at the City Councilís Committee Meeting.

Because zone changes go through a public hearing process at Planning Commission where public comment can be made,  followed by another opportunity for public comment when the zone changes are scheduled for the regular City Council meeting agenda; ample opportunity for public comment is provided for the public prior to the accompanying bill/ordinance appearing on the agenda.  That results in public comment seldom if ever being made on zone change bills/ordinances once they get to the City Council Committee Meeting agenda; however, those accompanying bills/ordinances still have to follow the standard adoption process set forth in state statute and the city charter.

For additional information, please contact the Community Development Department at (702) 267-1500 or