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West Henderson Land Use Plan Update

The draft West Henderson Land Use Plan was heard at the November 13, 2014, Planning Commission meeting and was unanimously recommended for approval.  There were no public comments during the meeting.  Below is the latest version of the draft plan, which will be considered at the December 2, 2014, City Council meeting.

The draft land use plan has been revised in response to comments received from the public and project stakeholders over the last couple of months.  Please click on the links below to download and review the revised chapters.  In order to keep the draft plan on schedule for the November 13 Planning Commission meeting, please send any comments, concerns or questions to Paul Andricopulos at by October 30, 2014.

The draft plan has been held back to the November 13, 2014, Planning Commission meeting to address additional comments and concerns.  We appreciate your patience while we fine tune the draft plan and look forward to your continued participation and support.  The revised draft of the plan will be posted as soon as the latest changes are complete.

On August 20, 2014, the City of Henderson held a public open house on the draft West Henderson Land Use Plan at the Henderson Multigenerational Center.  Approximately 35 people attended the meeting and provided feedback.  In addition, a Planning Commission workshop was held August 21, 2014.  Information displayed at the public open house and workshop are available below for review.

DRAFT PLAN (June 30, 2014)
The draft land use plan is organized into four chapters, which are available for download below.  Chapters 1 and 2 provide the basis and background to the plan, Chapter 3 includes the land use designations, and Chapter 4 addresses implementation and monitoring of the plan.


On Tuesday, June 17, 2014, the City of Henderson held a public workshop concerning the West Henderson Land Use Plan Update.  During the workshop, attendees had a chance to learn about the plan and provide input on key choices that will shape the plan.  Please click on the links below to review the presentation, display boards, and planning frameworks.

                Economic Development



                Parks, Recreation, Open Space & Trails (PROST)

                Balanced Community

Stakeholder Meetings
On May 20-22, the project team held focused meetings with over 60 key stakeholders to provide an update on the planning process and gather feedback on the Vision, Guiding Principles, and planning frameworks ("snapshots") below.  To see the information from those meetings, please click on the links below.  Please send any questions or comments to

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Project Overview
The City of Henderson is in the process of updating the land use plan for West Henderson, which is the area generally located west of the master-planned communities of Anthem and Seven Hills, south of St. Rose Parkway, east of Las Vegas Boulevard and north of the Sloan Canyon National Conservation Area.  The West Henderson area is largely composed of federally-managed property with pockets of private properties scattered throughout.

The West Henderson Land Use Plan, which provides long-term guidance for future development of the area, was last updated in 2008.

Helpful documents:

Since the last major land use plan amendment in 2008, the economic and development climate changed significantly.  In West Henderson, some projects were built, other major projects have evolved and new projects have been proposed.  In an effort to proactively shape one of the most important growth areas of the City of Henderson, an update is being conducted to reflect current market conditions, and create an environment supportive of growth, quality of life, and economic sustainability.


The West Henderson Land Use Plan Update will seek to provide an updated vision and goals based on West Henderson's greatest opportunities.

Phase 1: Data Analysis and Visioning

Phase 1 of the Plan Update will describe and provide context for baseline conditions and demographics by inventorying needs and issues, collecting necessary data from the City and public stakeholders, and reviewing the City’s existing plans, policies, and goals.

Phase 2: Strategic Choices and Plan Implementation

Phase 2 begins with the strategic choices that will need to be determined by City Council, stakeholders, and the public. With their input, the team of consultants will make recommendations for adjustments to key policies, land uses, and infrastructure to modernize the Plan. The team will then identify implementation strategies that will be most effective in achieving the community’s vision, followed by the development of the draft and final Land Use Plan Update. Plan recommendations are expected to be completed in June 2014.

View our detailed project schedule.

Public Involvement Plan & Activities

The Plan Update includes a targeted public outreach process to effectively reach and maintain open channels of communication with community groups and interests using three approaches:

  • High-tech and online tools;

  • public events and workshops; and,

  • committees and stakeholder groups.

Stakeholder interviews with landowners and interest groups will be held early on to gauge issues, needs, and vision. Three public events will feature interactive workshops on shared values, big ideas, and choices facing West Henderson. Participatory exercises will be used to build the initial vision, provide education, and increase awareness of why this process is so important in shaping the City’s future quality of life. Two online questionnaires will follow the first two public events.

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