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Comprehensive Plan

Comprehensive PlanOn February 7, 2006, the City of Henderson City Council, adopted major changes and updates to the City's Comprehensive Plan.  The Comprehensive Plan guides the growth and development of the entire city, recognizing the physical, economic, social, political, aesthetic and other characteristics of the community.  The preparation of a Comprehensive Plan is mandated for regions, cities and counties by the Nevada Revised Statutes (NRS).  The intent of the statutes is to allow communities to comprehensively address their long term growth issues related to land use, housing, transportation, jobs, utility services and facilities, and parks and open space.

In addition to providing a future land use map for the City, the Comprehensive Plan also serves as a policy and decision-making guide.  The Plan addresses several key elements in five themes:

  • Balanced Land Use
  • Quality Development
  • Connected Places
  • Integrated Desert Environment
  • Arts & Culture

Each of these themes are interconnected and include goals, objectives, and policies intended to specify how the City should look and function in order to maximize the quality of life of its residents.

The purpose of this webpage is to give the general public access to the themes and policies contained in the Comprehensive Plan.  Please utilize the links below to access the entire plan and the plan summary sheet, including the land use map. Comments and questions from the public are appreciated and welcome.

Adopted Plan (February 7, 2006)

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