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City Attorney

City Attorney Contact List Civil Division

Note: The City Attorney's Office does not represent individuals in private legal matters. For questions involving private legal matters, consult a private attorney or legal services agency.

City Attorney Josh Reid
Practice Areas: Mayor & Council; City Manager, and; Ethics
Direct line: (702) 267-1200

Senior Assistant City Attorney Travis Buchanan
Practice Areas: Human Resources; City Clerk, and; Civil Litigation
Direct line: (702) 267-1234

Assistant City Attorney Mark Backus
Practice Areas: Utility Services; Franchises; Information Technology, and; Business Impact Statements
Direct line: (702) 267-1213

Assistant City Attorney Sally Galati
Practice Areas: Community Development; Planning Commission; Real Estate, and; Neighborhood Services
Direct line: (702) 267-1389

Assistant City Attorney Nechole Garcia
Practice Areas: Business License; Legislative Affairs, and; Civil Litigation
Direct line: (702) 267-1388

Assistant City Attorney Kristina Gilmore
Practice Areas: Human Resources; OSHA & Safety; Cultural Arts & Tourism, and; Civil Litigation
Direct line: (702) 267-1219

Assistant City Attorney Brent Gunson
Practice Areas: Public Works, and; Local Improvement Districts
Direct line: (702) 267-1211

Assistant City Attorney Brandon Kemble
Practice Areas: Parks & Recreation; Civil Litigation, and; Bankruptcy
Direct line: (702) 267-1243

Assistant City Attorney Michael Oh
Practice Areas: Henderson Police Department, and; Civil Litigation
Direct line: (702) 267-1382

Assistant City Attorney Rory Robinson
Practice Areas: Real Estate; Redevelopment; Economic Development; Property Management; Purchasing, and; Finance
Direct line: (702) 267-1236

Assistant City Attorney Nancy Savage
Practice Areas: Civil Litigation, and; Risk Management
Direct line: (702) 267-1237

Assistant City Attorney Janette Reyes-Speer
Practice Areas: Code Enforcement; Henderson Fire Department; Civil Litigation, and; Criminal Appeals
Direct line: (702) 267-1385