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2015 Municipal Elections

Henderson Municipal Elections are governed by Nevada Revised Statues. NRS 293C mandates that they are held in odd-numbered years. The 2015 City of Henderson Municipal Election is scheduled for the Spring of 2015. 

General Election

Pursuant to City Charter Section 5.010 (4), if one candidate receives a majority of votes cast in that election for the office for which he is a candidate, he must be declared elected and no general election need be held for that office. Gerri Schroder, Debra March and Sam Bateman received the majority of votes in the race for City Council Ward I, II and IV, respectively. Therefore, all races were decided in the Primary and a General Election for the City of Henderson will not be held.

Primary Election Day

The Official Final Report is now available.

Primary Early Voting

Early voting for the primary election has closed. View the Daily Results.


2015 Candidates List

Ward I

Ward II

Ward IV

Candidate Guide

The Candidate Guide provides important dates and information for the Candidates.

Campaign Signs

Please refer to Henderson Development Code Chapter 19, Section 19.8 - Signs for campaign sign regulations. A building permit application must be filed in the Development Services Center prior to placing campaign signs. The cost is $61.