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Building & Fire Safety

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Fire Safety Guidelines


HFSD# Date

Guideline Title

Topic Index, Alpha

Above-Ground Fuel Tank

BBQ, Commercial

Booths, Covered, Exhibit Hall

Booths, Multi-Level,Exhibit Hall

Burning, Open


Central Station Monitoring Facilities

Christmas Tree Lots/Storage

Cooking, Outdoor

Directories, Multi-Family

Directories, Office Complex

Emergency Vehicle Access Gate

Evacuation, Emergency

Fire Hydrants, Install & Spec of

Fire Hydrants, Private, Service & Maintenance of

Fire Lanes

Fires, Recreational

Fireworks, Consumer

Fireworks, Pyrotechnic, Indoor

Fireworks, Pyrotechnic, Outdoor

Fuel Tanks, Generator

Gate, Emergency Vehicle Access

Haunted Houses

Hot Work Program 

Hydrants, Install & Spec of

Hydrants, Private, Service & Maint of

Inspect & Test Smoke Control Sys

Manufactured Homes-Exhibit Hall

Monitoring, Central Station Facilities

Monitoring Permit Checklist

Monitoring, Self

NFPA 13. Single Family Use of

Power Generator Fuel Tank

Pyrotechnic Displays, Indoor

Pyrotechnic Displays, Outdoor

RV's in Exhibit Halls

Self Monitoring

Smoke Control Sys, Inspect & Test

Trees, Christmas Lots/Storage

01 04/22/08

Outdoor Cooking

02 01/15/08

Installation & Specification of Fire Hydrants

03 01/15/08

Emergency Vehicle Access Gate

04 01/17/08

Manufactured Homes, RV's, Multi-Level Booths and Covered Booths in Exhibit Halls

05 01/17/08

Outdoor Pyrotechnic Displays

06 01/17/08

Indoor Pyrotechnic Displays

07 01/17/08

Consumer Fireworks

08 01/21/09

Recreational Fires, Open Burning and Commercial BBQ

09 04/22/08

Fire Lanes

12 04/22/08

Multi-Family & Office Complex Directories

13 06/04/08

Above Ground Power Generator Fuel Tanks

15 05/14/08

Self Monitoring

16 05/14/08

Central Station Monitoring Facilities

17 05/14/08

Monitoring Permit Checklist

18 09/29/08

Emergency Evacuation

19 05/14/08

Service & Maintenance of Private Hydrants

20 12/02/08

Inspection & Periodic Testing of
Existing Smoke Control Systems

21 07/08/08

Single Family Use of NFPA 13

22 07/08/08

Christmas Tree Lots or Storage

23 07/08/08

Haunted Houses

24 11/24/08


25 11/18/08

Hot Work Program