Building And Fire Safety

Accidental System Activation

If your fire sprinkler system has activated the information on this page may be helpful to stop the flow of water and restore system operation. Your system will likely need to be shut off following a fire (emergency shutoff), after a fire sprinkler head has accidentally discharged, or a water pipe has broken.

Emergency Shutoff

In the event of a fire CALL 911. After the fire is out the system will be shut off. The Fire Department has information to assist in your recovery after a fire.

Accidental Discharge Shutoff

To shut the system off due to an accident, locate and operate a shutoff valve. Your particular building may have a shutoff valve at one of the following locations:

  • Inside shutoff valves are usually located on the water service line shortly after it enters the building, typically in the garage. If you do not have this type of inside shutoff valve or cannot find it you will need to find and operate the outside meter pit shutoff valve.
  • Outside meter pit valves are located in a meter pit in the ground (typically in the sidewalk). You can shut water off to the building with a crescent wrench, applying slow, steady pressure while turning the valve. Meter pit lids can be round, square, or rectangular.

Other Resources to Help in Locating The Water Shutoff

System Repair and Restoration to Service

Once the water has been shut off you will need to contact a licensed fire sprinkler contractor to repair and restore the system. The Nevada State Fire Marshal maintains a list of licensed fire sprinkler contractors. Search the list for contractors with a J license or a G-J license. These companies are licensed to work on residential fire sprinkler systems.