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Conditions of Approval

Conditions of Approval are requirements placed on a permit or development.   These may require submittal of documents or applications, may require inspections to occur, etc.

Certain of these Conditions of Approval will need to be resolved prior to permit issuance, certain conditions will need to be resolved during construction of the project, certain conditions will need to be resolved to obtain the final inspection and certificate of occupancy, and certain Conditions of Approval are never closed.   These are requirements placed on a project forever.

All unresolved Conditions are printed on the permit when the permit is issued.   These must be read carefully and fully understood by the responsible party to avoid delays in the project.   If a Condition of Approval is added to a project after the permit is issued, that condition may be viewed by using DSC On-Line.

Some Conditions of Approval will stop the project or permit from proceeding forward until the condition is resolved.   These stops or holds may occur at any time in the development.   In order to track the status of a Condition of Approval or hold go to DSC On-Line.

Click the link below to view a list of common Conditions of Approval and information about each such as what is required to be submitted, what it will hold, how and when it is closed, etc. 

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