Building And Fire Safety

Certificate of Occupancy

In order to begin the C of O (Certificate of Occupancy) process, first schedule the 9200 (Begin C of O Process) inspection.   Once this inspection receives a "PASS" decision from the building inspector, the City will automatically schedule all remaining C of O Inspections excluding the 1999 or 9999 (Final Building Inspections).  These inspections are normally completed within three working days.  For a list of Certificate of Occupancy Inspection Codes click here.

Not all Certificate of Occupancy inspections are required on all permits.   To determine the inspections required for your permit review the list of "Conditions of Approval" on your permit or review the list at DSC Online. Once completed, each of these inspections will be signed on your inspection sheet, if available.   We recommend that you track your inspections through the City's online inspection history.

When all C of O inspections have passed, it is the contractor's responsibility to schedule a 1999 or 9999 (Final Building) inspection.   Only when that inspection receives a "PASS" decision from the building inspector does the permit officially have a Certificate of Occupancy.   The paper copy of the Certificate of Occupancy will then be mailed to the legal owner within one week.

Temporary Certificate of Occupancy (TCO) may be available for certain projects.   The TCO requires ALL of the same inspections as a Certificate of Occupancy as well as additional fees and submittals.   For this reason do not view the TCO as a short cut to occupying the structure.