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Animal Control

New Animal Shelter Hours An ordinance has been passed for the City of Henderson requiring that dogs and cats over the age of four months be spayed or neutered, except under specified circumstances.  All pet owners in the City of Henderson will have 120 days to comply with this ordinance that was passed by City Council on August 3rd, 2010. For further information contact us at 267-4970.

The Henderson Animal Control Bureau helps reunite lost pets with their owners, cares for the animals brought to the shelter, and handles pet adoptions. 

The bureau also provides medical care and the vaccination of all cats and dogs at the shelter and the spaying or neutering, as well as the placement of microchip identification, for the pets that find a home.

Animal Control officers take part in public safety, resolving animal and pet issues that are part of residents' quality of life.  As part of the Henderson Police Department, the officers carry out the regulations outlined in the municipal code's Title 7, which include concerns about animal noise and animal sanitation, animals roaming at large, and dangerous or vicious dogs. Animal Control also performs welfare, cruelty and neglect investigations, animal bite processing, and rabies quarantines.

Contact the Animal Control Bureau for location, phone number, and information about services that provide a humane, healthy, and safe environment for animals at the facility.

Lost and Found
Photo of Beagle type dog.Whether you find a pet roaming your neighborhood or have lost your family pet, the City of Henderson can assist with Lost and Found efforts.

Find an adorable
pet at the bureau and
then follow the Animal Control's easy  adoption process to make it your own. 

Pet Licenses
Photo of  L.C., the shelter's mascot calico cat.Keep your pet legal by getting a pet license with the City of Henderson.

  • Mandatory Spay/Neuter Law  -  All pets residing in the City of Henderson have to be spayed or neutered unless you have a breeder's permit.   HMC 7.10.010   
  • Behavior Help Line  (702) 267-4977 - Resolving your pet's behavior problem might be as simple as a phone call away.