News Release

Henderson City Council Approves Resolution Offering Land for Sale to Raiders for Practice Facility and Corporate Headquarters

Proposed Facility Will Create Hundreds of New Jobs, Enhance Economic Development
January 02, 2018

Henderson, Nev. – The Henderson City Council unanimously approved a resolution Tuesday night offering the Raiders organization the opportunity to purchase a 55-acre parcel of land near the Henderson Executive Airport for a football practice facility and corporate headquarters.
The minimum price for the property, which will be offered through a direct sale under the resolution, is set at $6.05 million. The project’s developer has advised the city that the headquarters and practice facility will create an estimated 250 full-time jobs for non-players and will lead to an investment of $75 million in the parcel, which is being offered for sale by the city at a reduced price because of the economic benefits it will bring to Henderson.

“Return on investment is very important and we’re making an investment in the Raiders by voting to move forward,” said Mayor Debra March in remarks before casting her vote to approve the resolution. ”There is going to be a significant economic impact to our community, creating new tax revenue. And by creating more jobs in our community, people can stay in our community to live, work and play, which has been one of our goals -- to allow people to remain near their homes and to be able to have a job. So I think there’s a huge return on investment for the investment that the City of Henderson is making.”

In a presentation to the Mayor and City Council, city staff outlined the potential economic benefits to the community that would accompany the creation of the Raiders corporate headquarters and practice facility, including enhancement of the city’s tax base, encouraging additional high-quality development in West Henderson near the Henderson Executive Airport and attracting additional tourism to Henderson. Over a 30-year period, the proposed facility would generate nearly $14 million in estimated property taxes that can be used to invest in enhancing public safety, building new infrastructure, improving education and other key Henderson priorities.

If the Raiders agree to move forward with the purchase, then a public meeting would be held on Feb. 6 for the City Council to consider an offer for the property and to possibly approve a binding purchase and sale agreement between the buyer and the city.

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