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City of Henderson Unveils ‘Smart City’ Strategy

Plan will guide implementation of smart city initiatives over the next three years
March 14, 2018
Henderson, Nev. – The City of Henderson has developed a Smart City Strategy that provides a vision for investment in and implementation of citywide ‘smart city’ initiatives through the year 2020.

“From smart students to smart cities, Henderson has embarked on an ambitious plan to harness technology and data to improve everything from transportation infrastructure to public safety and city services,” said Mayor Debra March. “We have already made investments in becoming a smart city that are linked to areas such as traffic management, city facilities and emergency response and there’s still more to come.”

With the quality of education being among the highest priorities for Henderson, the Smart City Strategy includes initiatives focused on bridging the digital divide and creating connectivity to improve learning opportunities. Becoming a smarter Henderson will enhance the city’s economic competitiveness as companies look for communities that are on the technology cusp, and at the same time attract investment from public and private partners. It will also cater to residents’ increasing expectations for personalized services and enhance quality of life using digital and connected technologies to support Henderson’s increasingly diverse community.

“Implementing smart city strategies will improve citizen experiences, enhance public safety and incite community engagement,” said Chief Information Officer Laura Fucci. “By collecting and analyzing data from sensors, cameras and other technologies, the city will be able to leverage systems capable of recognizing changing conditions and responding automatically.”

Henderson’s Smart City Strategy aligns with and supports goals identified in the Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan for healthy, livable communities; a vibrant, resilient economy; and active, complete transportation. The strategy identifies five focus areas within this framework: citizen services, public safety, education, transportation and city government and outlines initiatives that will be implemented over the next three years. 

The City of Henderson has already invested in smart city technologies that bring value to residents while also saving taxpayer dollars, such as dimmable lights on city trails, solar-powered beacons that alert motorists when a pedestrian is crossing the road, emergency vehicle preemption technology that gives first responders priority movement through intersections, automated irrigation controls that help conserve water used at city parks and an open data portal that allows the city to be more accountable to its residents.

Henderson’s Smart City Strategy was developed in collaboration with Gartner, the world’s leading research and advisory company, through input gathered from internal and external stakeholders, review of up-and-coming technologies and alignment with Henderson Strong goals. A working group assessed potential initiatives against such critical factors as citizen value, cost-effort, pilot/use case and resource availability to prioritize the initiatives that were incorporated into the strategy.
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