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Mayor and City Council Approve Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan

July 11, 2017
Henderson, Nev. – Mayor Debra March and the Henderson City Council unanimously approved the Henderson Strong Comprehensive Plan today after 18 months of extensive public outreach.

The Henderson Strong plan is a citywide planning document that communicates the vision, long-term goals and objectives that will guide the physical development and orderly management of the city’s growth over the next 20 years.

Forged on research, public input and stakeholder involvement, the plan aims to improve Henderson’s economic resilience and competitiveness, maintain the city’s high quality of life and ensure access to a variety of community amenities including transportation, quality health care, parks and trails and excellent educational opportunities.

Mayor March has been a longtime proponent of thoughtful planning for the future of the community, including making sure residents had a say in shaping the final Henderson Strong plan.

“During the Henderson Strong planning process, we asked residents, business and organizations what they valued most and together we created a shared vision for our future. I am thrilled we have now adopted this outstanding plan,” said Mayor March. “Henderson Strong works hand-in-hand with the goals outlined in my 100 Day Plan which focuses on strengthening and diversifying our economy, improving public safety, promoting access to a quality education and ensuring we maintain a high quality of life for years to come.”

More than 26,000 residents were contacted during the outreach process and 5,500 gave input regarding the Henderson Strong plan. Community members identified the issues that they cared most about including: schools and education, parks and open spaces and healthy and safe communities. Participants also said they would like to see reinvestment along the Boulder Highway Corridor and Lake Mead Parkway, as well as in the Downtown Henderson area.

Local governments are required to have an updated comprehensive plan. Henderson has experienced significant demographic and economic change since its last comprehensive plan was adopted in 2006. The need for the update was also driven by the city’s projected population growth of more than 100,000 new residents by the year 2036. 

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