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Henderson Mayor and City Council Accept Pittman Neighborhood Revitalization Plan

Plan will increase Private and Public Investments in Residents’ Health
October 17, 2017
Henderson, Nev. – The City of Henderson Mayor and City Council recently accepted the Pittman Neighborhood Revitalization Plan, approving recommendations for improvements to one of Henderson’s most mature areas – the Pittman neighborhood. The plan is a result of Invest Health Henderson, a public-private initiative created to improve health outcomes in geographic areas facing the biggest barriers to better health.

The City received a $60,000 grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and the Reinvestment Fund to create the Pittman Neighborhood Revitalization Plan and implement change on the neighborhood level. Henderson was selected to receive the grant from among 170 communities that applied to the National Invest Health, Strategies for Healthier Cities program. 

“At-risk neighborhoods frequently lack many of the resources needed to support good health,” said Henderson Community Development and Services Director Stephanie Garcia-Vause. “The lack of access to healthy food, safe and affordable housing options, reliable transportation and medical care often result in profound health and socio-economic consequences. The City of Henderson values the importance of building healthy communities for all of our residents and we were thrilled to have this opportunity to continue to focus on such a key issue.”

The Pittman Neighborhood Revitalization Plan identifies goals and provides strategies for improvements in five principal action areas: Food and Health, Housing, Safety, Education and Workforce, and Transportation. Feedback obtained from community engagement results was used to develop recommendations that include: 

  • Addition of a school garden classroom at Edna Hinman Elementary School in partnership with Green Our Planet and The LandWell Company

  • Partnership with Touro University Nevada, School of Physician Assistant Studies, to bring the Mobile Healthcare Clinic to Pittman and Downtown Henderson once a month

  • Expanding the operation in Henderson of the Veggie Buck Truck, an existing pop-up mobile farmer’s market, targeting low-income neighborhoods in food deserts
  • Working with Hinman Elementary School’s Supper Club program to provide meals to students through Three Square Food Bank after school before they go home
The Pittman Neighborhood Revitalization Plan is a product of the City’s Community Development and Services Department, Long Range Planning Division. For information on other planning initiatives that promote a vibrant, safe, balanced and cohesive city visit,

Settled in 1929 to provide housing to Boulder (Hoover) Dam construction workers, Pittman still maintains its original street layout. It is generally bounded by Galleria Drive on the north, Pabco Road on the east and Boulder Highway running diagonally on the west.
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